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Who We Are

Twilight Alliance is the Brisbane domain of The Camarilla Australia, which is part of The Camarilla, the official fan club of White Wolf Publishing. The Camarilla runs LARP or Live Action Role Play games.

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What We Do

We organise and play roleplaying games set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. For details on what games we are currently playing, when and where, and who to get in touch with to play, please see the Games page.

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Rules We Use

The Camarilla Australia operates under the rules of the Grimoire. The most up to date version of this document can be found on the national wesite.

The rules we use to play the games are the Mind's Eye Theatre (MET) World of Darkness rules along with the MET Requiem rules for vampire, and the table top (TT) rules for the werewolf and mage venues, with addendum available from the livejournal of the MST and from the White Wolf Camarilla MST Page. We also use the table top supplements for Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken and Mage: The Awakening. As the new Mind's Eye Theatre larp books for werewolf and mage are released we will switch over to those.

Probably some of the most useful documents are the Quick Start Guide and the Camarilla Approvals Addendum for making characters.

For more rules information check the Useful Links page.

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Joining the Camarilla

Currently you can join the Camarilla Australia for free by filling in the online membership application form . Currently this form can only be used for new members signing up for the free 6 month membership. If you wish to renew your membership for the year (at a cost of $20), please print out and send in the membership form on the Useful Links page.

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