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These are in character news items for the Brisbane area. If you would like to submit a news article based on events at a game or in your downtime please pass them up through your VST.

Note that these are in character news items, they are purely fictional in nature and have no bearing on real life.The views expressed herein do not represent those of the White Wolf Fan Club, Australia.

Feburary News Articles

Versions of the following news articles appeared in Brisbane newspapers during February.


The beloved church of St Matthew in Red Hill was destroyed yesterday by an explosion which tore the stone structure apart. At approximately 5pm, the quiet suburb was rocked when the the explosion occurred within the lower levels of the church. Officials have stated that the structure of the heritage listed church, which had been unused for quite a while, is unsafe and will have to be demolished.

Police are still refusing to confirm the nature of the explosion or if was a deliberate attack upon a church. The arson squad are currently investigating the explosion.


Anonymous Police sources have confirmed that traces of Ammonium Nitrate and petrol were found in the lower levels of the church, leading Police to deduct that the attack was deliberate. Sources have also confirmed that unusual items were found in the wreckage, and Police are now searching for the body or bodies of the persons who may have resided there.


The bombing of St Matthews has been transferred to a State Government task force for further investigations according to Police sources. The task force, Operation Olympus, has been tasked with investigating racially and religiously motivated crimes.

In other news, the unstable shell of St Matthews is due to be demolished at the end of the month. Police are also calling for any persons who may have squatted in the church to come forward, as they may have vital evidence.


A fire broke out in the UQ Student theatre, the Schonell Theater late last night. The building was in poor repair due to inadequate funding and maintainance. Fortunately the show that was to be playing that night was canceled so no one was hurt. University security cameras did record several individuals leaving the building before the fire, but could not get a clear identifying picture. Investigating officers report that faulty wiring is the most likely cause of the fire, they do urge anyone with any information about the fire, or the individuals seen leaving the building, to please contact police.

The University of Queensland reports that the theater was underused and poorly maintained, and without further funding, they will decide not to rebuild it.

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Health Scandal at Prince Charles Hospital

15 September 2005

Queensland Health is reeling from the latest in a series of health scandals, after staff at Chermside's Prince Chales Hospital expressed concerns over a senior surgeon. Mortality rates in the geratric unit have increased an alarming 1000% since the doctor, believed to be from Eastern Europe, arrived in Chermside in late May.

"It's terrifying," said a nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Every day, someone else dies. And Doctor [name removed for legal reasons] just smiles when we tell him".

Hospital administrator Sian O'Sullivan played down concerns. "Queensland health has full confidence in all staff," she said. "Any rumours to the contrary are scandalous."

Barry Robinson, whose grandmother, Gladys, died in Prince Charles Hospital, is angry. "I'm angry," he says. "Gran goes in there, they tell me it's gonna be a simple operation, and next thing I know, they're phoning me with the bad news. She was fine when she went in. Those bastards killed her."

The Head of Geriatrics, Prof. Vladimir Repko, could not be reached for comments.

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Darkest hour ahead for Dawn

15 September 2005

Renovation plans for Chermside's historic Dawn cinema, on Gympie Road, have stalled after a fatality.

A spokesman for the Walter Taylor Construction Group confirmed that a 40 year old roofer died on the site on Thursday, but refused to release any more details. In particular, he refused to confirm rumours that the man threw himself off the roof.

The Cinema was sold in January, with new owners unveiling plans for a multi-storey apartment block and restaurant precinct, encorporating features of the original cinema.

The development corporation declined to comment on the redevlopment plans.

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Summer warning

15 September 2005

Zillmere toddler, Taahnee Travers, is recoving in Prince Charles Hospital after a painful series of spiderbaits. The little girl was bitten by several spiders in her backyard, while playing in a sandpit.

"I was inside, talking on the phone," Taahnee's mother Monique told the Courier- Mail. "All of a sudden, I heard Taahnee screaming, and I raced back outside. There must've been a dozen spiders in the sandpit. I don't know where they came from. We sprayed the backyard a couple of weeks ago."

Entymologist, Carlo Roediger, says this was an unusual case. "It's very early in the season for spiders, but it just goes to show you can never be too careful".

Doctors have been unable to identify the species of spider that bit Taahnee, but are confident that she will make a full recoery.

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News Item from Orange, 25 August 2005

Father Peter Mulcahey, a Priest struck down by madness in nearly 2003, died from stroke this morning in his bed at Bloomfield Mental Hospital, near Orange, NSW. For two years Father Mulcahey has suffered from a series of debilitating strokes and schizophrenia. Since taking residence at Bloomfield it is reported that the priest's only words have been "Blessed be the wood of long jeans" and the equally mysterious phrase "the splinters stops my blood." The executors of Father Mulcahey's estate will be investigating the value and possible distribution of his meagre belongings, included a small set of personal journals written over the course of four years, and a Pets-as- Therapy companion labradour called 'Amoniel'.

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News Item from the 24th of August

This month Perth plays host to world renowned scholar Professor Spiros Georgiou, as the 'Mysteries of the Ancient World' travelling exhibition comes to the Western Australian Museum. The exhibition opens this evening with a lecture by Professor Georgiou on his European archaeological expedition - an expedition that included the Czech Republic, Greece and Romania, and even participated in a larger expedition to Egypt between 1995 and 2000. Amongst the exhibitions more exiting exhibits included are a pair of ancient swords, and a mummified severed hand covered in greek characters. Whilst tickets to this evening's lecture are already sold out, daily entry to the museum is free of charge. The exhibition is in Perth until September 15, after which it will be moving to Canberra's National Museum, the Brisbane Museum, and then Auckland's Te Papa. The Western Australian Museum, Francis Street, Perth, is open 10.30am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sun 1pm-5pm Sat & public holidays.

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News Item from the 24th of August

Museum authorities announced this morning the mummified hand that was the prize exhibit in Perth's 'Survivors of the Ancient World' was stolen last night. Museum guards caught the thieves in the process of the burglary, however they were unable to prevent the priceless artefact from being stolen. Police describe the perpetrators as misguided desperate, as the severed hand is "too hot" to be onsold. One of the three perpetrators was shot and killed during the robbery - Museum spokesperson Julia Wingarde has appealed to the public for any information that may lead to the recovery of the artefact "the thieves are described as been between approximately 150 and 160 centimetres, male, wearing military-style boots and sport what appears to be a form ritual tattoos." Anybody with information is encourage to call Crimestoppers on 1800 XXX XXX.

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News Item from The Courier on Wednesday 29th of June 2005:

id sketches

Police have released sketches of the persons believe connected with The Vampires street gang. Their identities are, as yet, unknown and the authorities are appealling to the public for information. Caution is recommended when dealing with members of this gang. Should you recognise any of these people or be able to assist police in locating them please call the following tollfree number:

1800 328 267.

Information leading to an arrest will be rewarded.

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News Item from The Courier on Tuesday 28th of June 2005:

Notorious city street gang, The Brisbane Boys, last night felt the full force of the law as units from the newly formed Special Task Force (STF) conducted simultaneous raids on premises in the City, Valley, and nearby suburbs. It is believed that some 50 people have been detained for questioning. Officers confiscated firearms, drugs, and several vehicles - one believed to be a mobile drug lab - during the raid.


'This is the end of the so-called Brisbane Boys as an organisation' said Detective Sgt Malcom Dawes. 'Their reign of terror is over. The actions of the STF last night has sent out the very clear message that gangland activity will not be tolerated.'

Investigations into The Vampires, the rival gang implicated in recent murders, are continuing. 'Surveillance photos taken on the night in question have proven inconclusive but progress is being made. Sketch artists are working with Police interrogators and we hope to publish the results shortly.'

Community groups and inner-city businesses praised the work of the STF and the Queensland Police in their recent efforts to clean up the streets of Brisbane.

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News Item from The Courier on Monday 27th of June 2005:

A state funeral with full honours will be held on Friday the 1st of July in commemoration of one of the Police Force's finest - Senior Constable Daniel Mathews - who was brutally murdered in cold blood whilst bravely investigating underworld gang activity in the Valley on the night of Saturday June 25. Grave fears are also held over the fate of his partner - Constable Ian Rudd - who is missing.

Detective Sgt Malcolm Dawes has announced the formation of a Special Task Force to investigate and combat violent gangs, in particular The Brisbane Boys and The Vampires. 'We have known about the existence of the Brisbane Boys for quite some time and their violent clashes with The Vampires, a relatively new gang with ties to the Chinese Triads, indicate a brutal underworld turf war is under way. Well, I'm here to say that their activities will not be tolerated and that these scum will be eliminated.'

The Special Task Force, nicknamed The Blue Boys, is an ititiative of the State Government with additional funding from Brisbane City Council. 'Any information leading to the arrest of members from these gangs will be generously rewarded.' When asked whether the police had any idea of the fate of the missing officers Dawes said a massive manhunt was underway, urged any witnesses to come forward, and asked all Queenslanders to pray for their families.

The Courier has since learned that Police have detained Nate Lee, manager of Valley nightclub "Better Sleazy Than Sexy" - the scene of Matthews brutal murder, for questioning but have yet to receive any useful information. The club, in the heart of Brisbane's red light district, has a long association with the underworld and was the scene of the infamous slaying of bagman-come-police informer Salvatore "Sally" Genko during the height of the farcical Fitzgerald Inquiry which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no corruption within the Queensland Police Force. Pickets protesting at the various red-light clubs are continuing on a nightly basis. Organiser Marrion Claridge of the Moral Majority said, 'These so-called clubs are an affront to decent, law-abiding Queenslanders and we will not stop until they are out of town.' These protests have been publicly shaming patrons and business is definitely suffering.

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18th March 2005

The joint Police and Health inquiry into last month's viral outbreak concluded today as investigators set to answer the question on what was responsible for 116 deaths and over 2000 hospitalisations in and around the suburb of West End in the first week of January this year. Officials have remained tight-lipped but the most likely explanation seems to be the emergence a new viral strain now labelled the "West End Flu". One resident, who wished not to be named, claims, "Mayor Pride deserves all the credit for quickly quarantining the area. His actions prevented the spread of the virus. He potentially saved thousands of lives." Other theories, including a toxic gas leak and contaminated water, have been investigated but appear unlikely. Racial tensions have also now eased after some residents initially blamed the unsanitary conditions at Musgrave Park caused by a recent influx of aboriginals to the area. Aboriginal activist John Nudgee- Blacksmith labelled such accusations as "baseless" and "racist". Results of the investigation are due to be release next month but for now life in the West End is returning to normal.

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2nd March 2005

The final section of piping linking the vast underground water basin to Brisbane City Council's Water Purification Plant was officially openned today by Mayors Neuman Pride of Brisbane and David Manijooroo of Ipswich. The completion of the joint project ensures that the whole South-East is now drought-proof. The 1998 discovery by Queensland University geologist Prof. Manfred Redlich of a series of large interconnected subterranian basins under Brisbane and Ipswich which currently holds 10 times the capacity of both Lake Somerset and Lake Samonsonvale combined. While the project drew much critism from environmental quaters Mayors Pride and Manijooroo are confident that there has been minimal impact and that no water will be taken from the various basins until current water supplies are exhauseted. As such, water restrictions will remain in place much to the ire of some residents.

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