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Useful Links

Australian Camarilla Wiki
The Camarilla Australia
The Camarilla
White Wolf Publishing
livejournal of the MST
White Wolf Camarilla Requiem Page

Australian online membership application form - N.B. Currently this form can only be used for new members signing up for the free 6 month membership. If you wish to renew your membership for the year (at a cost of $20), please print out and send in the membership form in the documents section.
Character Creation Hints and Tips from the UK Tome - A useful guideline for new characters for new and old members alike.

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Useful Documents

Quick Start Guide
Camarilla Approvals Addendum
Rules Starter Kit
Forsaken MET rules and details

New Member Info
The Members Handbook - useful introduction for new members.
Helping New Players Guide - This document was written by Edward Foy, the DST, to help with assisting new members. It's worth reading if you are a new player, or if you are an older player who could help a new player get into the game (which should be everyone).

Venue Forms
VSS template - for VSTs of a new venue.
Venue Application Form - for VCs of a new venue.
Game Attendance Sheet - For VCs to record event attendees.

Active member list - Removed at request of DNC.
Membership application/renewal form - Apply or renew membership.

Prestige claim template - track and claim your prestige
Prestige Award Chart - a list of all the things you can do to earn prestige and how much.
MC Levels - The number of prestige points needed for each MC level
Proposed Prestige System Overhaul - the proposed new prestige system. The last AGM agreed that we would hold a referrendum to decide whether or not to implement this system.

Liability Schedule
Insurance Policy Guide - For coordinators.
Insurance Policy Guide Summary - A summary of the guide for everyone else.

AGM Forms
Appointment of Proxy Form - Appoint someone to use your proxy vote at the AGM if you aren't able to attend.
Motion Proposal Form - Use this form to propose a motion to forward at the AGM.

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