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Website Improvements

We could use some more content, particularly IC content. I've put up all the coordinator real world type things that I can but this club is about the games and having some info that gives people a feel for the games would be great. Not to mention a nice way to disseminate information.

If you want to put a character bio of your character or a photo up here or a recap of the game from your character's perspective, let me know and I'll put it up. We don't have a domain newsletter, just this site, so if you have artwork, stories, poems or articles that you'd like to share pass them along.

Want to be involved? Email the Domain Coordinator

Recruitment Drive

I'll be putting flyers in game stores again this year. If anyone wants to help me with this, or has any other recruitment ideas, please get in touch.

Want to be involved? Email the Domain Coordinator

New Player Buddy System

We're starting to get new players comming back to games, and I'd like to thank everyone for making them feel welcome. I'd still really like some formal buddies to give them though. A lot of the structures of this club are very complex and unintuitive, having someone to walk you through the maze of prestige, certificates, approvals, domains and mailing lists would be really helpful. If you have a few hours a month spare that you could give to helping out a new player I'd really appreciate it.

I've had a few volunteers for this but as we get more players I'd like to have an existing player to act as a buddy for each new player. All you need to do as a buddy is:

It's really not hard, you'd only have one newbie to look after and you get prestige for it.

Want to be involved? Email the Domain Coordinator

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