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Vampire: Requiem Changeling: Lost
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Vampire: The Requiem

Walking through a crowds of mortals, a voice screams inside your head loud, bouncing off the sides of your skull trying to escape. The beast within wrestles with your last vestiges of humanity.

Do you allow yourself to be swept up in the beast, or put it in the corner where it belongs? Do you uphold the Masquerade, or you do sin?

Time: Held on the last Saturday night of every month, except December, 6pm sign on, 7pm start
Location: Contact the VC

Changeling: Lost

You return from imprisonment in the realms of Arcadia to a world you no longer know and that no longer knows you. Your old life is gone forever are you are changed ... You are Lost.

The Courts of Brisbane are renewed, with new pacts forged to secure their safety, but at a terrible price. Have they lost too much?

Time: Contact the VC
Location:Contact the VC